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LISSUN is dedicated to guiding students through exam preparation, minimizing distractions, and unlocking their fullest potential for success in an exclusive approach tailored for Indian students.

Meet the LISSUN-ers

We are a tech-driven emotional and mental wellness startup, providing individuals and enterprises with tailored support for their mental health needs. Our accomplished core team, including members from IIT, IIM, ISB, and NIMHANS, stands committed to transforming lives through accessible psychological support for every aspect of daily life.

Over 35,000 Indian students have died by suicide between 2019 and 2021, as per NCRB

We LISSUN-ed to you

We provide non-judgement expert support to help students tackle these mental health issues through

Personalized Emotional Strength Coaching

Group Sessions with Qualified Experts

Self Help Tools

Regular Check-ins

Student Community

Journal Prompts

Resource Sharing

Emotional Wellness Assessments

Our upcoming features for every student's unique needs

Customized Content

Our Customized Packages



1 Group Session

1 Whatsapp Wellness Check

Self Help Tools via the Lissun app

  • Meditation Audios
  • Journaling
  • Assessments
  • Destressing Tools
  • Sleep Audios
  • And Much More

Our center of knowledge

Build Academic Resilience

Equip yourself with the tools and wisdom to conquer academic challenges

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Manage Difficult Emotions

Explore a deeper understanding of every emotion in your journey

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Calm your Body and Mind

Discover audio guidance to cultivate calm within yourself

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Partners and students that we've worked with

We collaborate with leading coaching institutions, helping numerous students in conquering their inner mental obstacles enabling them to reach their ultimate ambitious goals

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Become Unstoppable: Are you ready to crush every barrier that's limiting your success?

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